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Proper tools are half the job…

… is a Dutch saying. A bit cliché but true non the less. This is a quick post to acknowledge two pieces of vital equipment I acquired recently that have made my DIY life much easier.

Rigol DS2072 digital oscilloscope
My old handed down Kenwood CS-1040 scope slowly died after being in service since 1982. Contacts and switches gave up and measurements became unreliable, so an update was in order. Lots of really good second-hand gear out there, but since real estate on my desk is limited, I looked into digital scopes (not to be confused with the CRT scopes with digital functionality). They’re sometimes frowned upon when used for analog audio design, but I really don’t understand why. Especially with the newer generation with very fast screen updates, high accuracy and tons of useful added functionality

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Mac Mini Mediacenter: Plex Client & Media Server

When I started my Mac Mini Mediacenter project, one thing was absolutely clear; I wanted, no, needed Plex as my media front end and server. For the ones who don’t know Plex; it’s a very powerful and easy to use media indexer, streamer and transcoder for images, music, videos and more. It’s free with multi OS and multi platform support. PlexIcon

I’ve been using Plex for some time now and love its multi-device flexibility. How it seamlessly delivers all my media with the exact same experience to either my TV, iPad or laptop over either LAN or WAN. It even allows you to resume watching a video on your iPad you stopped halfway on your TV or the other way round. Installation and configuration is fairly easy, but there are some things to consider.

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