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Proper tools are half the job…

… is a Dutch saying. A bit clich√© but true non the less. This is a quick post to acknowledge two pieces of vital equipment I acquired recently that have made my DIY life much easier.

Rigol DS2072 digital oscilloscope
My old handed down Kenwood CS-1040 scope slowly died after being in service since 1982. Contacts and switches gave up and measurements became unreliable, so an update was in order. Lots of really good second-hand gear out there, but since real estate on my desk is limited, I looked into digital scopes (not to be confused with the CRT scopes with digital functionality). They’re sometimes frowned upon when used for analog audio design, but I really don’t understand why. Especially with the newer generation with very fast screen updates, high accuracy and tons of useful added functionality.¬†

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