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deBont bass amp ventures

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This blog has been awesome! It allowed me to share some of my technical ventures. I’ve received lots of great comments and positive remarks. What’s even better, it helped others with their technical challenges too! But it’s time to move on.

All my various interest have finally focused onto a single point; creating awesome tube based bass amps. I love working with tubes, amps and bass guitars and at the time of this writing, I’m working on developing my own line of amplifiers under the name deBont amps.

I’ve always felt the need to share projects and my take on different subjects. The same applies for all the challenges faced and knowledge gained during the development of my bass amps. Until the completion of the actual products, will serve as a blog, diving deeper into various subjects concerning bass amp development.

The blog will of course stay up and running. Comments will be read and questions will be answered. But it won’t see any new content coming its way.

Thanks for a great run. I really hope to see you at!